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QuiloxTrade is a regulated and reliable forex broker, dedicated to providing its clients with tailor made trading solutions,regardless of prior knowledge or experience. With easy to navigate interface and over 250 tools available for trading. Start trading now with as low as $100.


Forex Trade

Forex Trading is the act of buying one currency while simultaneously selling another currency, with the aim of profiting from the changes in the values of these two currencies over time. Learn more more_horiz

CFD Trade

CFD Trading is the activity of trading contracts for difference with a broker. CFD which is basically just a contract between buyer and seller that specifie's a certain purchase price and allows profits or losses based on the change in the price of the underlying asset during a specified timeframe. Learn more more_horiz

Crypto Trade

Crypto Trading similar to forex trading involves trading digital assets or currencies. Crypto currencies are digital currencies which are transferred between peers. They are decentralized meaning not regulated by any Bank or Government Institution. Learn more more_horiz

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Quiloxtrade places special emphasis on all matters related to protecting invested funds using state of the art security and encryption.

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Quiloxtrade takes responsibility in regulating all trading processes from the time of registration all the way to deposit, trade and withdrawal.

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Quiloxtrade provides fast and efficient deposit and withdrawals. Our Support team replies instantly to ticket submitted by traders.